An Hour with Shalin Desai

A fantastic evening with closed group of volunteers and Shalin Bhaiya was organized on his birthday!!!

14947_530615400297038_933888783_n 192536_530615396963705_838965690_o 270329_530611136964131_1140650848_n 299669_530611446964100_197970431_n 530586_530612196964025_1449369566_n 541751_530611440297434_423372198_n 614718_530612483630663_990557530_o 615400_530615550297023_187716899_o 703786_530616326963612_578508259_o 737484_530613516963893_670846093_o 739731_530616163630295_1668956896_o 740296_530612343630677_1591521013_o


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