Discover your passion: Aashram Calling

Holding hands in hands….with a vision to make a long chain.. gathered the youths from all over Gujarat to discover the passion for love, music, dance, masti…. To discover ‘Self”

With the three great personalities in the world of music, movies and entertainment.. we had Mr. Maulik Pathak, Mr. Prayag Joshi and Mr. Smith Pandya to encourage and awaken the spirits of youth…The spirits of ‘gangsters’ had reached the highest peaks Prana level of enthusiasm, knowledge, and to do Seva….The volunteers with the blessing of our beloved Guruji…. To mark a new era..

5949_604455599579684_1300704416_n 181282_604573229567921_2084288292_n 379621_606296436062267_1837261397_n 995834_604571829568061_683899978_n 996717_604569369568307_740820097_n 999315_606295926062318_1872843320_n 1001043_604458549579389_1320571086_n 1004743_606296199395624_643410587_n 1011454_606295696062341_237680815_n


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