A follow-up to remember with Aarti didi

Every followup is special, but this one was special and memorable. Our international faculty, Jitubhai is a great teacher which is our fortune. But, meeting the mentor of a ideal is the feeling which can be expressed in words.

Aarti Ma’m international art of living faculty and the part 1 course teacher of our jitubhaiya, visited “The yes!+gang” on the eve. Of this followup. Further, we had another reason to celebrate her visit. It was birth day of Aarti ma’m.

We greeted ma’m with shower of flowers and Aarti by girls. Round of applause never halted. And enthusiasm was at its peak.

March ’14 was years of Lok Sabha elections for which yes!+gang with a mission to increase voters turnover did many campaign and programs. One of them was “Flash Mob” at center square mall.

Thus, to show our glory we did a dance performance cum rehearsal as a welcome for Aarti ma’m.

As the session continued, Aarti ma’m shared an insight she got as a art of living faculty.

On the closing note of session Aarti ma’m gave blessing to every volunteer. It was our honor.

Aarti ji as a faculty, as a mother and a SS a guide has shown her patience and dedication which was evident by her personality. We where inspired, truly.



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