Flashmob for IVBI

Inspired by guruji to contribute to the social welfare of the people..our gangsters of Yes+ Gang… gave a fabulous contribution in Flashmob dance for “I Voulunteer for Better India” awakening the masses of vadodara to get up and move ahead.. “To vote for a better India” thus spreading the importance to each vote and their voting rights. With the t-shirts of IVBI and tricolour painted on their faces just added to their enthusiasm and energy!!!

At centre Square Mall, Vadodara

1374940_763521077006468_2389781943411702083_n 10170892_763522037006372_4957018730348981523_n 10177915_763521203673122_8392878830392670791_n 1508168_763520753673167_8583602949800440916_n 10250189_763527457005830_2095262078143031017_n 10254008_763522297006346_3493651738865971686_n





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