#sevatrend : 13th May 14

Inspired from the relentless enthusiasm and vision of our beloved master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for upliftment and betterment of humanity, the Art of Living faculty and Yes!+ gang founder Jitendra Khimnani envisioned “sevatrend-neki kar social media par daal!”

Sevatrend is a service initiation and trend to inspire people to take up service activities and foster the spirit of humanity in day to day life.

It is a seva revolution conceptualized upon the powerful belief of responsibility, belongingness and Inspiration.

And we wanted to make it huge in the first step itself. On the most amazing day of the year, we initiated #sevatrend.

On 13th may (tera-mein), the birthday of our beloved Master Sri Sri Ravishankarji we intiated #sevatrend.

The yesplusgang visited sanjaynagar slum area housing nearly 10,000 dwellers and distributed food. The sight was so pleasing to see people happy and joyful after meeting the volunteers. The slum dwellers meditate too which left a profound joy on their faces. Nearly 75 volunteers along with the faculties Jitendra khimlani and Shivani Patel made the day for the slum dwellers. The photos tell the rest story.

And this was just the start. #sevatrend is now inspiring hundreds of people with its vision and mission of spreading humanity.

We want seva not merely to be a modest act of kind good hearted people but an act should be proud of and to show and inspire others. We want to make seva a trend and you people, the trendsetters.

Go out, help someone, click a picture and tweet about it with #sevatrend on your wall. There are many souls that need a hand. Your one act of seva will inspire a million of kind souls out there and revolutionize our world.


Happy #sevatrend!

10329157_781456888546220_3274559502224264689_n 10366253_782640255094550_71847209889444160_n 10372067_782644358427473_3551550267700258781_n 10650043_863906243634617_6495534928922213209_n 10341696_782641531761089_8200647717228088059_n 10370454_782641488427760_123949823441531960_n 10372755_782650371760205_42495446671448376_n




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