Internship with Navrachna University

-Navrachna University

The YES!+ Gang was invited to provide internship training to BBA graduates of Navrachna University. Vadodara as a part of their curriculum. 11 students were intern with Yes!+ Gang  for a period of 30  days from 6th May to 6th june.

The interns took up various different kinds of social activities and services that Art of Living undertakes for human welfare.

Under the guidance of the faculties,  Jitendra Khimnani and Shivani Patel, the interns took up the following service initiatives to have a better understanding of The Art of Living services and the grass-root reality of the society.

  • The Interns were part of the #sevatrend (a social service initiative) initiation on 13th May (Guruji’s birthday) in the Sanjay nagar slum area of warasiya, Vadodara.
  • Educational and family survey of the children upto 18 years in Pensionpura slum area, Nizampura.
  • Educational and family survey of the children upto 18 years in Sanjay nagar slum area, Warasiya.
  • Fund raising through door to door Pasti collection for providing stationery and miscellaneous to the children of the Sanjaynagar slum area.
  • Application of the Art of Living 5H PROGRAMME principles in the Sanjay nagar slums.
  • Removal and cleaning of the Sanjaynagar slum area premises. Guiding the residents for the importance of the same.
  • Tree plantation in the Sanjaynagar slum area through the residents.
  • Educational activities with the children of Sanjaynagar slum area for the internship period.
  • Inspiring and providing the necessary knowledge lack to the children of Sanjaynagar slum area.

The interns had an inspiring learning time during their training period. They were highly motivated by the vision, services and functioning of Art of Living foundation.  All the interns were provided with a certificate of appreciation and motivation from Art of Living YES!+ Gang.

3 interns of the Art of Living Yes!+ Gang  won the best Internship awards at their university event

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