QnA session with Jitubhaiya

Q & A session with Jitu Bhaiya..

  A blissfull session on the occasion of Teachers day Special  on 5th Sept 2014 was organized by our active volunteers of Yes+ Gang.

After the ever refreshing Long Sudarshan kriya… it followed a very interactive round of questions encountered by the enthusiastic youngsters. A Flash card was given to the youngsters to ask their questions.

Our renowned AOL international faculty Mr. Jitu Khimanai… lovingly known as Jitu Bhaiya gave wonderful penancly the answers to our day to day life problems. It was like a silent river flowing through valleys with no waves to rush over..

Our youngsters with their minds open to welcome the new ideas and knowledge embrace this new inspiration; they were ready to conquer the life with the big smile on their faces. A glow of knowledge and confidence to live life to fullest with add onn of spirituality was seen on every face of the youngster..

It was indeed a blissfull session with our beloved Jitu Bhaiyya!!


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