Vadodara Flood Relief work – Food packets preparation & distribution

In month of September 2014, the city of Vadodara witnessed heavy rain and flood for almost a week. Routine life was halted.

Yesplus gang! Took the initiative to help people in state of furry. The team planned to distribute food and water, in the flood effected regions. Fund was raised by mutual consent among volunteers and other interested people, which was used in preparing food packets and milk porches. The volunteers made the food packets of different denominations and distributed them regardless of flood and problem of locomotion.

This campaign was in action for 4 days. 50-60 volunteers where part of it and we approached families and individuals in every possible part of Vadodara.

The campaign was success and a great spirit of volunteering was clearly evident.10665991_858515567507018_7353113894084505548_n 10616465_858515474173694_2909066631117338155_n10462353_858515744173667_381279805778660443_n 10481432_858515610840347_3409490532039697714_n


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