Yogathon 2014

The Sun got many salutations – 1.8 million people across India did Surya Namaskar – invoking the solar power!!!
3380 venues, 2050 schools/colleges, 100 prisons, 18000 prisoners, 9950 defence personnel. #Yogathon

In vadodara it was conducted at two places. In the morning it was at parul institute of engg. & technology, vadodara where in 50 students participated for 108 yogathon challenge out 23 people completed the challenge and won gold certificate. And another was held at our Temple of Knowledge where 60 people participated. It was great to see the enthusiasm of all the people irrespective of their age groups.

10846413_883667455011159_9193010762531236872_n 10849750_883667531677818_493777751851423625_n 10850061_883667448344493_7703694276111867794_n 10858088_917539764937931_1988944669990992881_n10857875_917540884937819_3327468095693470406_n


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