The Happiness Program for Youth

The Happiness Program for the youths (age group 18-30 years) was conducted by Jitubhaiya from 16th – 21st Dec 2014 at the Art of Living Temple of Knowledge, Sunpharma Road, Vadodara. The workshop started with around 30 brimming participants ready to turn a new page of their life! And they did indeed which was very much evident from their active participation and enthusiasm on their faces every single day of the workshop! Each session started with super fun warm-up with our “Smiling Shivani Didi” and ending with satisfying smiles after knowledge sharing by our “Charming Jitubhaiya”. From including Sudarshan Kriya in everyday life to making service a way of life, this workshop had it all for the new souls. This workshop witnessed a rare combination of young energy, fun, creativity, knowledge, health & happiness.

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