Blanket donation on Christmas Eve 2014


Spreading Warmth this Christmas Eve


It was a delightful Christmas eve this December of 2014 in Vadodara. The roads were lit, churches decorated and people on the streets.  As I was moving across, the sight I saw was beautiful to behold. A bunch of people of different age groups right from 5 yr old kids to collegietes to office goers, each one carried a blanket and a picture of H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, were walking down the crowded footpaths, where the less fortunate ones were lying asleep with a pieces of cloth thick as paper to protect themselves from cold. The all-smily “santaclauses” warmified the sleeping  pathway citizens, shivering in this cold, by wrapping them blankets and presenting them the warmth of Guruji.


During this chilly Christmas eve, when everyone dressed up in the best of their winter wear, in the mood for celebration, this sight of spreading smiles took me behold and I couldn’t stop myself from joining them to do such a wonderful act of gifting comfort. And there, I was, cheerful with the Santa’s. I learned about their story which I keenly was curious to know.

They were Art of Living FoundationVolunteers and according to them, doing seva and spreading smiles is their existence. They live for humanity. This christmas they incepted the seva idea of donating blankets to the poor needy ones and gifting smiles to the fortunate ones. Instead of giving blankets one to one basis, they wrappedthe sleeping footpath citizens with blankets just like a Santa would leave gifts at midnight without anyone knowing it. Such a lovely gesture. And there amongst them was a cute Santaclaus who would give away choclates and cup cakes with a huge smile to the passersby. What astonished me was the amount of money they treasured. Almost over 65,000 INR they received through donation from various parts, by spreading the message through social media, to count of only facebook, twitter & whatsapp. My sweet Jesus ! Look at the enthusiasm and zeal. The youngsters flocked around. They gifted 350 blankets on this christmas eve. Super ! Isn’t it.


This story inspires me to believe that each one of us has a hidden santa in us. We just need to bring it out. We are love, we are santas 🙂


Merry jolly christmas to all the Santas. Keep loving, Stay smiling 🙂

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