Satsang with Namita Malik

The Art of Living Foundation was invited to conduct a satsang at the “VADFEST-Vadodara International Art & Cultural Festival.” Namita Malik di took over the stage and drench people in soulful satsang songs. From the young to the young at heart, everyone danced and enjoyed on the tunes of rocking but serene satsang songs. An evening of unprecedented bliss.

Indeed a moment of pride for all of us!


1533893_943085435716697_2146814212266452132_n 10830895_944868498871724_3332434189978976728_o 10918969_944868045538436_4778506566278128207_o 1978389_944867928871781_1248660111127346536_o 10931569_944863398872234_4444123666986752468_o 10917230_944864092205498_7563293714131313731_o 10887510_944864912205416_2202889282805370093_o 10944817_944865912205316_1256240620024824817_o 10924220_944866605538580_7722367618804893891_o 10952565_944866668871907_5100122107515551686_o 10914995_944865032205404_5165634567342123919_o 10955554_944862712205636_3460597541762765503_o 10931692_944862215539019_4758984627658855467_o


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