Amazing Happiness Program

The 27th January HAPPINESS PROGRAM ended on an amazing note on 1st February. It wasn’t the end but the start of an amazing new beginning for the participants.

While organizing this workshop volunteers came up with different idea of clicking a photo with the poster and spreading it on different social media with their personal experience of the course.

Gratefulness to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!

Amazing Workshop! Amazing Participants! Amazing Days!


10277409_410046189170102_1095767054134179194_n 1926633_410046699170051_8274544863654577884_n 10941011_410046309170090_2710753325945684040_n 1978613_410046639170057_1137499945933386658_n 10155348_410048929169828_7739278913126571567_n 10463963_410049259169795_5907959002114786535_n 1174933_410048602503194_6265382085032957228_n 10600373_410049609169760_5847936423915097247_n 603734_410049795836408_8634239468661580743_n 1898264_783550408349118_4481878394766109406_n 10419965_925007630844790_4737430187493513304_n 10931217_10203262796923425_8377388202772616130_n 10949709_829760810424174_4467505586048039247_n 10959879_665622616880175_8831094545723382378_n


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