Traffic police #sevatrend

What is our reaction when we encounter a traffic cop?! – Bey yaar, do these guys have any other better job than loosening our pockets?! And a few more grumbling words! Isn’t it?!

We see each day some ignorant driver abusing them while being held, or some rich son of a big daddy breaking signals ignoring their and our lives, and even the auto-rickshaw drivers taking them casually breaking the passenger capacity norms.

Yes, they do make our pockets weigh less, but they are performing their duty and MOST importantly, they too are people like us who have family, responsibilities,aspirations and emotions. And they don’t deserve some rude words and behavior from educated citizens like us to further traumatize their already traumatic job.

But recently a bunch of enthusiastic, sensible and responsible young people realized this dilemma of traffic cops and reached out to them in the most unexpected and amazing way. They visited the traffic cops at different points and appreciated them of there work through some heart-touching gesture cards and also shared some snacks with them and captured selfies with them. It was an amazing moment for the cops as such gesture was never made to them till now.
The people behind the initiative were part of a workshop of the Art of Living Foundation.

An inspiring act worth sharing. Kudos to the people behind such a great initiative!
Happy ‪#‎sevatrend‬!

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