Happiness Program with Jitubhaiya

A superb Art of Living HAPPINESS program began from 17th february in warasia area in the morning hours. The mornings of the participants will never be same now after this life transforming workshop.

Fun-Knowlegde-Life changing

11001723_420807634760624_249146777936195760_n 10994273_420807388093982_7275833475459902931_n 983863_420807538093967_489852270164059692_n 10525594_420808144760573_3744401176669928697_n 10991121_414226628752058_1996058705290675290_n 1797461_418798151628239_8845974698775256416_n 10993954_418798148294906_1198648818765330847_n 10991445_418798398294881_7142816585885975589_n 10991230_418799071628147_6276295826056877881_n 10959411_418799978294723_8803991825012998547_n



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