Women’s Special Happiness Program

This women’s day we decided to have a special ladies batch where girls of all ages could come together and celebrate their womanhood along with knowledge, fun and ofcourse sudarshan kriya-the true essense of being. We believe that “Being Happy makes a girl beautiful!!!” It is indeed a celebration of feminism and beauty!!! This is just not a course but a true celebration!!!

From being a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a companion or a mother, women are indeed the super-hero of the family she belongs. Waking up first, to being the last one to go to bed, She is the strongest of us all. The things She endures are above our thoughts and understanding.

And to celebrate this sacrifice,loving,generous and kind nature of hers, a WOMAN SPECIAL HAPPINESS program was organised from 10th to 15th march. They got a chance to be themselves once again. To be that little chirpy happy girls once again. The glow, happiness, charm and smiles on the face of the participnats says rest of the story.
The amazing course truly proved that “ HAPPY WOMAN ARE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN”.


A course that ended with a guest seminar with the families of the participants joining us for final celebration n meditation!!!


10526060_966401696718404_6055913388880710085_n 10998648_962822037076370_7581813435740097658_n 11016818_969234119768495_3821040303535377065_n IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5248 IMG_5283 IMG_5304 IMG_5352 IMG_5384 IMG_5420 IMG_5491 IMG_5523 IMG_5536 IMG_5551 IMG_5568 IMG_5583 IMG_5629 IMG_5734 IMG_5885 IMG_5894 IMG_5897 IMG_5920 IMG_5924 IMG_5979 IMG_6033 IMG_6045 IMG_6083 IMG_5979



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