4 days Happiness program

Glimses of Jitubhaiya’s recently concluded Art of Living HAPPINESS PROGRAM. at Temple of Knowledge, Vadodara. The journey from head to heart continues to transform lives. With smiles increasing with each day of program, the end of program was beginning of new Journey for the participants.

Infinitely Grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar !

Thankful & Grateful to all who have been part of this journey.


988904_439492712892116_3149175957543476257_n 10985492_449166968591357_7200778383368096919_n 11136233_449166428591411_3233545762961463767_o 11140111_449158075258913_5106595181868316089_n 11154802_449157841925603_1580639870376973045_o 11154864_449158305258890_6921382104525456987_o 11155150_449158018592252_8245827950351524182_o 11173323_449168271924560_8609614523003760929_n


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