A Session with the youths of Jamnagar

Commitment can take you across all obstacles- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

New avenues were opened for the participants of the Happiness program held at the Jamnagar medical college. From expresssing oneself in right way to loving oneself, the essential virtues to lead a committed,purposeful life were taugnt to them.

The committed happy faces says the rest of the story.

I thank all those who have been part of this.

Grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!


1908179_453443144830406_636671449322648910_n 10955491_453418061499581_1826799641175866619_o 11066530_1626815337538968_1425494387323273383_n 11154863_453418888166165_4815152587893874805_o 11157573_453417848166269_1259425939029070272_o 11163107_453418464832874_5465687227884607337_o 11174345_453418321499555_5541610199153368567_o 11174540_453418938166160_1927715943760381639_o


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