An hour of beautiful knowledge with Tanuma!

Starting with a soulful prayer, Tanuma lead us all into the beautiful world of Guruji’s knowledge and wisdom. The time stood still while Tanuma soaked us all in the infinite knowledge and wisdom of Guruji. Tanuma’s mere presence was enough for us to be drenched in bliss.
Grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, We all pleaded to be His instrument.


10641121_999384050086835_441183203921478527_n 11169813_999384630086777_8379249083648494604_n 11173400_999384563420117_6215168396656775296_n 11182719_999384056753501_564155391738470568_o 11188223_999384380086802_2929785263176309905_n 11205014_999384676753439_400607715917232341_n Ah9Ti9Ww6pQwRHKd1tymfuAPAfh-5RIuVpcq2NVcXJmt


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