Into The New Dimensions- Mental Healthcare patients.

It was an inspiring day for me. We were approached by the officials and doctors of the Mental Healthcare hospital, karelibaug, Vadodara to help them out to improve the health and lives of the patients coming over there. To help regain life lost by these beautiful souls somewhere.

A US based film maker is making a documentry film on the lives and journey of the Mental health patients, visiting various mental healthcare centres of Gujarat.

A small meditation session left the patients spell bound. They were more calm, composed and relaxed after the session. The film maker was amazed to see how the health condition of these people can improve by means of the teachings and techniques of the ART OF LIVING and help them lead a better life. It is a boon for them.

We shall be regularly taking interactive yoga and meditation sessions for the Mental healthcare patients at the Karelibaug mental hospital.

I am Infinitely grateful and inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the boon He has given to the world.

Let us all work towards His Vision for a better world

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