Happiness Program in warasia

These are some of the glimses of a blissful HAPPINESS program started in Warasia, Vadodara. The transformation of lives continues with Love, Joy and Enthusiasm spreading in the lives of more people. A step closer to a world full of Love and Joy.

I thank all who have helped to continue this beautiful change in lives of more people.

Infinitely grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji for being always with us.


1015377_455750087933045_747538177586555639_o 1492546_457268317781222_2453876321116770982_o 1522719_455749401266447_4312114461766154108_o 1782561_457269331114454_5738617084573327643_o 10835288_457268384447882_608090595118292050_o 11188158_455750227933031_2236321144247350655_n 11194500_457268077781246_2116403550006289171_o 11202849_1000609149964325_3855903405767825228_n


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