#HappybirthdaySriSri 2015 Vadodara

I have never been born. But this body has come for you. There is no other purpose. It is just here for you – तेरा में
-Sri Sri

On 13th may (तेरा में) 1956, the world got a priceless gift, a day that is celebrated ever after, Celebrated as the day of Love, Joy and Enthusiasm. Birthday of one of the greatest spiritual masters Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The founder of Art of Living foundation, a great humanitarian, symbol of love and peace, global leader and inspiration for the world, and our beloved master. Words fall short to express the magnanimity and infinity of our beloved Guruji.
On the occasion of the 59th birthday celebration of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living Vadodara organised a huge satsang with shri Sachin limaye. Grace flowed in all directions with the venue over flooding with the people.

11268915_541768709296062_7162944914701514215_n 11257917_541769092629357_5535421924049881670_n 10629508_1006658016026105_3444546271881280094_o 10458912_541770669295866_6138538494678506953_n 10405486_541770229295910_578620392586301877_n 11068083_541769499295983_1868263130088089961_n 11031120_541767095962890_8729236905629156254_n 11224283_541767089296224_4668682568073926423_n 11231141_541770499295883_6425205318362837509_n 10917265_541767545962845_2124575469542115081_n 11012564_541767272629539_6874048969901615089_n




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