Yoga Day Promotional Activities!






The promotional photo shoot that was done by the youths of vadodara to crete abuzz in the city regarding the same. A lot of people joined in the international yoga day celebration after this!!!




9981_1026241230734450_7273192226447506352_n 1621822_1028858367139403_415616955881884956_1n 1623756_1026241174067789_6912565717167372747_n 1981897_1026241470734426_8003939512935453886_n 10402946_1026241944067712_1811923571997180565_n 10462563_1026241664067740_3984142779288098059_n 11011957_1026241670734406_4365072654576697342_n 11020995_1026241487401091_4113954236293936250_n 11107178_1026241574067749_9174898487454960708_n 11202103_1026241370734436_4895447380005119801_n 11202854_1026241557401084_5675953192951683936_n


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