International Yoga Day!

Vadodara celebrated the 1st ever International Yoga Day in a grand way. The event that marked hundreds of people was organised by the Art of Living Vadodara volunteers on the premises of #Vadodara Central Bus Station, a unique of a kind of venue to spread yoga awareness in front of hundreds of commuters.
The event celebrated the spirit of yoga through people performing 108 suryanamaskar and blissful meditation followed by a serene satsang.

1621822_1028858367139403_415616955881884956_n 1794516_1028855127139727_3207336185917555434_n 1908193_1028854943806412_3235325989484456566_n 10730957_1028854817139758_3066860853739736595_n 11017698_1028858220472751_8157205617150208194_n 11035585_1028855557139684_1364849342213126108_n 11057678_1028857557139484_1550577920241226038_n 11062807_1028857220472851_281013541083233914_n 11403122_1028854957139744_1697051111964215284_n 11425231_1028857070472866_7900234087585930011_n IMG-20150622-WA0193 IMG-20150622-WA0194 IMG-20150622-WA0208


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