Youth Advance course with Atika Dhandhia

It was a blissful, serene and life transforming advance course with super charming senior international faculty Atika Dhandhia at the beautiful The Art Of Living Ashram – Gujarat ( Ankalwadi-Vasad) with the youths of Gujarat. First of its kind, a Gujarat special youth advance course marked 180+ youths from all over Gujarat.

We thank all the teachers who have been part of this wonderful silence program. With new life force and outlook, these youths are the new torch bearers of spreading love, joy and enthusiasm.

11148758_1029819577043282_7443396874272179343_n10325197_1041097322582174_5591784273742442133_n 11010497_1041096149248958_6163555492475477202_n 11046684_1041094462582460_3919980299873777253_n 11046684_1041096019248971_622439268337734187_n 11249478_1041094295915810_2508853813372450607_n 11541915_1041097522582154_5474986210397005364_n 11695014_1041094845915755_7832285460480353540_n 11701046_1041097775915462_512170927894851917_n 11745722_1041094705915769_8420967829655921714_n 11755263_1041097425915497_778870332361937980_n


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