Unlock Your Potential Happiness Program

These are some glimses of recent Art of Living Happiness program held at ‪#‎vadodara‬ conducted in morning and evening session. The 6 days of fun, knowledge, wisdom and priceless experience have ignited a new life in these 100+ beautiful souls. The journey towards the infinite bliss and joy begins for them. The theme of this workshop was kept as UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!!!

Infinitely grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for this priceless gift and opportunity.

1980417_506663896174997_373830404662134994_o 11228130_506666219508098_7602193645325643443_o 11705460_506663899508330_5275401034428701899_o 11708063_506661782841875_847493230029837813_o 11825698_1056015714423668_3448647259043078603_n 11893859_506663436175043_2484891603232658376_o 11893904_506665969508123_53355025776008273_o 11914769_500208186820568_4769570331444305992_o 11921834_506661066175280_9014642768118654294_o 11934509_506662306175156_13106900381321770_o 11947924_506665746174812_1219784265312212741_o 11951515_506662272841826_4186124933138923408_o 11999815_506660916175295_2516327065197547899_o


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