Happiness Program!!!

Here are some of the glimpses of Jitubhaiya & Shivani didi recent HAPPINESS PROGRAM held at TOK, Vadodara. The tagline for this course was #TimeToShine and the faces of the participants seems to justify that. 🙂

We had a promotional photoshoot for the same which got a great response!

11149317_1081548791870360_2856379637203300368_n 11995957_1079417642083475_9127958450330836830_n 12039641_1084186808273225_876553961163758113_n 12046591_515747665266620_8048837757575015178_n 12063824_1086809984677574_2463860262864276453_n 12072581_515749028599817_746261954540475425_n 12072632_515748328599887_7277525977722025334_n 12072664_515750261933027_5916162968827569733_n 12079142_515750251933028_8665040279915076535_n 12088043_515750245266362_1693536429177285433_n 12088139_515747818599938_4110957489747867271_n 12088405_515696131938440_3004619314501680941_n 12088422_515747158600004_3942059710437370054_n 12096466_515747161933337_3570587887300779302_n 12106800_515749525266434_313084100978094773_n



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