Pre-TTP & Volunteers Traning

Volunteers Training Program and Pre-TTP

🏡 @Vasad Ashram, Gujarat.
Kanjimama & Bakul Patel

Block the dates
31Oct – 1st Nov
7-8th Nov

HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Yes, do it.👍 You know Pre-TTC is good; it brings a lot of energy🏻 and enthusiasm💪. 👉Everybody should first do Pre-TTC. Whether you want to do Teachers Training or not, is the next step. But these two weekends of Pre-TTC is good, you learn a lot.👌 Your potential, your skills, many things can come out.👼💥🎯
After Pre-TTC you can decide whether you want to do TTC or not.🙇🏻 The teacher will also tell you.😎

✔A 🆒 Opportunity to Join “PRETTP”



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