Way To Happiness – course

It was great fun & learning at my recently concluded HAPPINESS PROGRAM held at ‪#‎Vadodara‬. Morning program was a general batch while evening program was a youth special.
With each passing program I feel more grateful seeing the journey towards transformation and joy in the lives of such lucky souls. The theme for this workshop was WAY TO HAPPINESS!

Infinitely grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar !

11202120_1116169388408300_3475891195428243034_n 12029636_531800880327965_8706099248981419418_o 12193874_1108328325859073_4195851922975600424_n 12250184_1117425478282691_4033715932618437559_n 12291821_531800576994662_1564727411625299494_o 12291865_531801826994537_1082575472698233394_o 12304080_531799696994750_6369928652798267891_o 12304319_531800573661329_7835304655873158470_o 12307932_531801580327895_2116547804903117206_o 12309513_531798783661508_6700675834048227901_o 12339360_531798696994850_2159782847482621064_o


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