#HappyDecember Happiness Program

Had a wonderful Kriya Follow-up last Week With So Many Santas. We Had A Special Christmas Photoshoot for the upcoming Christmas Special Happiness Week (22nd-27th December) taking place all over Gujarat.

Gift Yourself The Best Six Days Of Your Life!


12356724_1128112170547355_3604257340016206952_o 12363239_534350713406315_8492853910633385920_o 12370995_1128112163880689_146391124387751934_o12316652_533187760189277_7129867496270841475_n

This are some glimpse of recently concluded christmas special HAPPINESS PROGRAM at ‪#‎vadodara‬. Each program gives a new fresh fulfilment in life. It feels very grateful to see this lucky souls with a fresh new positive outlook towards life. Hoping and praying to be able to help transfrom more such lives in the coming new year.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2016 in advance!

10557020_542223272619059_8756956874799507072_o 10631285_542224699285583_5372972137806559092_o 10658704_542223629285690_1252918643402038217_o 12374889_542223702619016_1205232280320544108_o 12401791_542226975952022_4495515170325321748_o 12401815_542223369285716_8888089807196330015_o 12401838_542222665952453_5263185632247205837_o 12402145_542223649285688_1967200745128979644_o 10636601_542225979285455_3025821136912428942_o 920816_542224955952224_2638045397619850887_o 920816_542224955952224_2638045397619850887_o 1496476_542226325952087_4915580162535957242_o 10580742_542225109285542_9058037290721228461_o


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