Uttrayan #sevatrend

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Colourful Sky, Loud DJs, sunglasses wali selfie, family get-together, terrace dinner party and what not. The festival of Uttarayan brings with it, immense joy and celebration in our lives.
But there are few who aren’t so fortunate; who aren’t even aware if some festival is coming until someone visits them.
Recently a group of responsible young citizens from the youth wing of the Art of living Vadodara foundation known as Yes+ Gang visited the SEVA TIRTH foundation to celebrate the festival of kites with the residents. They spent some priceless moments with them and tried to fill the empty space in their lives.
The pictures say the rest of the story.
Indeed a heart touching and inspiring act!

‪#‎sevatrend‬ wishes you all a Happy and Safe Uttarayan!

Keep sharing, keep Inspiring!


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