Wisdom Stories with Shalin Desai ji.

It was a great evening with some beautiful wisdom full of wit with international faculty Shalin Desai ji. Sharing his moments of wisdom and learning with Guruji, the guru stories captivated our hearts and mind. The minute detailing and his magical way of recreating the moments left us all spellbound.

With Amazing Knowledge points by  our International faculty Shalin Desai Ji 😊
Which we can apply in daily routine life

📌Have faith & fun. 😊😀
📌When you are in Guru’s lap you can have a Guru’s slap.😉
📌Smallest of smallest thing do it with perfection.👍🏻
📌Check in your baggage. Then only you will be able to do seva for your master. 🙏🏻
📌Guru keeps giving , the receiver keeps wondering how much can I carry.😇😇😇
📌Take pride in whatever you do. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Specially for your sadhana feel proud about it.
📌While enrolling some one for a course don’t beg but bless him/ her.🙋🏻
📌Don’t hesitate for praising someone n accept others praising or compliments without hesitation.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
📌Don’t be feverish about criticism. ☺
📌Be  in present  with great self confidence.👯👯👯
📌  God also appreciate confidence. 👼👼👼
📌 There are two options near you either keep Guru or Worry in your life.✌✌
📌Come what may keep smiling.😊




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