Spandan- Resonance of Being in Rajkot

Have you ever imagined your life as a static function? It will create the boredom ! Sometimes all you need is a RESONANCE! heart emoticon

Let’s have a SPANDAN and resonate from within !

It was very pleasing and heartwarming for being invited to conduct a special session last sunday for the volunteers of Rajkot Happiness Gang.
I was very happy to see so many youths being so much interested in such activities and even ready to spread this joy.

They are now ready to rock Rajkot and the whole of gujarat! – Jitubhaiya

945249_575384625969590_1696670724676894995_n 12377812_578852678956118_5539965745113326349_o 12494856_575384609302925_5485432301504346697_n 12513945_578851215622931_4613199983419243537_o 12525266_578851175622935_8890389845528581073_o 12888787_578852578956128_1870088624661013429_o 12898363_578851015622951_4586035188786442508_o


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