#ColorYourLife Happiness Program

Yet another HAPPINESS PROGRAM concluded last week at TOK, Vadodara. With the evening batch of the youth & the morning batch of the young at heart, it was great learnign & fun for me too with this lucky souls. Each day of the program brings with it a new light & Joy.


12928252_582341018607284_3601122816500564192_n 12513702_576165369224849_5513958420579953590_o 12963418_583472398494146_7885636358104854411_n 12963946_582674521907267_1387247910075420776_n 12983848_587562051418514_3001236536911693597_o 12983855_587562601418459_8703929636875506430_o 12983895_587566288084757_4483682253162421991_o 12990848_584033255104727_3514440699614199568_n 12998263_587565588084827_4888183056323180411_o 13040901_587562654751787_4898831259331026122_o 13041207_587567844751268_8189263779012523308_o 13041414_587562148085171_4930958272946653994_o 13047681_587566651418054_3214572734308103498_o 13055683_587563744751678_8565873067327905832_o



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