Mother’s Day 2016


A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a cook, a help, a motivator, a guide, anyone who can be called a super hero in real life is our Mom. From waking up first at 5 am to sleeping as late as 12-1 am finishing the daily chores, they work 365 days tirelessly to make her family comfortable.

As god couldn’t be everywhere, He created mothers. From carrying you in her belly, to carrying your school bag, from making you learn your first steps, to making you ready to step out in the world, what are you without her?

This Mother’s Day let’s thank the super-hero of our life! Do something special or anything ordinary for this extra-ordinary person of our life.

Cook a dinner, go out and buy her a sari or just say thank you to her, make her feel special on this special day!
Capture this moment with your mom and post it using the hash-tag ‘‪#‎MySuperMom‬‘ and we’ll make those moments eternal by featuring them in our mother’s day special post across the masses.

So don’t wait, spread love and make this mother’s day a memorable one!




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