Art Excel & YES Program at Nadiad

Last week I concluded a super awesome and super energetic Art Excel & YES program at Nadiad,Gujarat. With kids from 8- 18 years of age, it was fun to be a kid again with this naughty yet innocent buds. A superb course to channelize the bubbling energy and help the kids learn various values, virtues, manners, increasing focus & concentration, handling emotions, and much more. The faces says rest of story. A great way help the kids learn the essential life lessons apart from school education.

13325542_608515929323126_8200065560918666928_n 13325576_608514479323271_59766884532858637_n 13335770_608514809323238_88195500152330300_n 13336047_608516142656438_1074241605167953878_n 13339490_608516462656406_5375686014411615562_n 13339648_608516062656446_5959881330954366292_n 13342921_608516452656407_8446771581120648394_n 13394026_608515499323169_1575670989539801119_n 13394088_608515715989814_3166413370226717426_n 13407106_608516262656426_3636188689571590996_n 13417633_608514192656633_8480324658894075961_n


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