Peace-of-mind for the Peace-keepers!

“They sacrificed their tomorrow for our present”
Yes, a soldier is a hero without the cape. Leaving behind his family and friends, a soldier guards his country in most challenging environments and situations, leaving them fatigued & stressful in long run. Being a human, they too need that fresh air of happiness, joy and relaxation.
And today I conducted a Heath & Happiness session with one such regiment of soldiers, helping them understand the magic and power of breath to make themselves more CALM, COMPOSED, HAPPY & RELAXED.
Wonderful experience and a moment of pride for such an opportunity to serve the saviors of the nation.
Grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji!13495030_618646474976738_7931552782083596278_n 13516277_618646551643397_1833308262545740506_n 13528778_618646318310087_4643865736231939925_n 13533118_618646801643372_3338012001802571169_n 13567126_618646501643402_2219202247113349173_n


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