Tree Plantation Drive – Being Sensitive towards the Environment

Nature nourishes us and it is important that we take care of it. A healthy future for our coming generations depends on how we care for our environment in the present. As a part of The Art of Living‘s environmental care initiatives, every year GURU PURNIMA is celebrated as ENVIRONMENT DAY to plant and preserve maximum trees.
The Art of living Vadodara family conducted a plantation drive and planted 550+ trees across the city and pledge to take care of them.


The bright young faces of YESPLUSGANG making news under the able guidance of the very dynamic @Jitubhaiya

Media coverage of Art of Living ‪#‎vadodara‬ Guru Purnima special Mega Tree Plantation Drive in Today’s Divya Bhaskar and Sandesh newspapers!

An act inspiring, an act worth sharing!

13709985_1296593603699210_8535841883358647553_n 13775738_1296593667032537_8462604105938091220_n

13620886_1295250977166806_8390649783290067347_n 13680558_1295250653833505_5000157211860923674_n 13775891_1295293067162597_4607728868827620856_n 13700120_1295250897166814_6085056175620879730_n 13709810_1295254237166480_3190205598803353706_n 13728931_1295251820500055_4249300967036078438_n


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