The ART of being Happy & Healthy

It was a good experience for me to visit and conduct The Art of Living’s introductory health and happiness program for the students of a prominent educational institute.
The educational institutes are one of the most important institutions with huge responsibility on them. It is a place where the future of our society, of our nation molds. Each of such institutes promise to provide best of the knowledge and training for a bright career, but I guess none of them teach how to manage one’s mind, how to make use of one’s full potential, how to be more confident, creative, focused, happy, healthy, etc, etc. But most importantly, how to be responsible citizens and create a promising, tolerant society that cares for all. The knowledge of SPIRITUALITY. And I think this is what is lacking in the educational system. When people get to know themselves, get spiritual, that is when we’ll truly become a better society, a better nation and a better world.
I greatly appreciate the efforts taken by professors of the institute to induct this aspect and make the educational system more holistic and promising

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