Way to Bliss – Sahaj Samadhi meditation with Srividya ji

Vadodara was indeed lucky to have a wonderful time withSrividya Varchaswi ji with lots of events and activities during the fantastic & biggest ever SAHAJ SAMADHI Course of 300+ participants!
From College seminars to Corporate sessions, from press conference to volunteer meet. The blissful Guru Pujas with her were the cherry on the cake! All this in just last 3 days!
Art of living Vadodara chapter experienced an ultimate wave of bliss, grace and happiness with all the teachers coming together and putting great efforts on this occasion.

13879233_1309694669055770_8335023642320632134_n 13879365_1309697339055503_1159360178389123979_n 13887048_1309695152389055_5907557338132523113_n 13891976_1309695879055649_1120870405255193891_n 13891979_1309697625722141_2240018699113101153_n 13895514_1309697162388854_5527586288858605223_n 13901349_1309697372388833_9118569463744953576_n 13902564_1309697575722146_8135142029699891833_n 13907070_1309695835722320_5178485375474630813_n 13924968_1309695445722359_1194891209759570845_n 14079671_644246842416701_6482007577083599161_n


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