॥ शिवोहम शिवोहम ॥- Shravan Rudra Puja @ Vadodara

चिदानन्द रूप: शिवोहम शिवोहम ॥ – I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss, love and pure consciousness – The Shiva

The Art of Living organises Rudra Puja every year during the month of shravan all over the world (1008 pujas all over the world in the current year) to help build a peaceful, calm, healthy and happy evironment. The Rudra Puja, mentioned in our ancient vedic scriptures thousands of years ago, proves to create such energy and vibrations wherever it is being chanted.
The Yes+ Gang was fortunate to have a blissful Shravan Rudra puja organised at Vadodara with the Swami Hardik Vaishnav ji along with veda boys of our Veda school from the Bangalore Ashram.

Words won’t be enough to describe the vibes and the serenity of the Puja. With few days still left for shravan month, do attend this ultimate blissful puja wherever you get a chance

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