Meeting the Master – Janmashtami celebrations & Advance course

When you are in presence of a Master or Satguru, Knowledge flourishes, sorrow diminishes, without any reason joy dwells up, lack diminishes, abundance dawns, all talents manifest. What else on earth do one need?! You are already full, you don’t lack anything, you are the most lucky among the millions. And what can be more luckier than meeting the Master himself and catching a bit of His personal attention?! Yes, the Yes+ Gang was very very very lucky to meet the Master, the inspiration of millions, the apostle of light, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji himself. With His usual yet unusual charm & wit, he gave us all a quick visit and a glance full of love and care, which can never be forgotten by anyone of us. Those few minutes where the minutes of infinite bliss and gratitude. The Janmashtmi celebrations and advance course at the Art of Living International Center with Gurudev, was indeed a trip to some heavenly abode. We are grateful to our teachers, Jitu Bhaiya & Shivani di for this magical experience.



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