A step closer to Happiness, Health & success – HAPPINESS & YES!+

Here are few glimpse of the recently concluded Happiness program (general) & the YES!+ program (youth special) with Jitu Bhaiya and Shivani di. It is great to have the YES!+ program back. The energy is something very different. Nevertheless, both the programs, HAPPINESS as well as YES!+ are life-changing in their own ways. With Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji being on Gujarat tour next month, and visiting vadodara on 3rd November as part of it, we are very excited and the preparations are on in full swing. Do join us however you can. And of course on the D-day too. Do tell your friends and family too. Bring as many people as you can. One cannot miss such a golden opportunity to be in presence of the Master! Jai Gurudev!


14433161_1367661883259048_7373567181398409545_n 14441205_1367662203259016_8484436350306259824_n 14479722_1367662563258980_3317424523393309075_n 14522818_1367661276592442_2087591557322912555_n14212659_1345870182104885_5643941803948975834_n 14344675_1350962104929026_533177378275998668_n


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