SOUND TO SILENCE with Sri Sri Ravishankar

Few glimpses of the most blissful evening vadodara has ever witnessed in recent times, Sound To Silence with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. With thousands of people joining from all walks of life, and inspired with Gurudev’s vision, whole of Vadodara resolved to work on Gurudev’s mission of a peaceful, happy and stress-free society! #SriSriInVadodara

14639775_772928819513382_5643174170953445959_n 14639786_772930329513231_5499102036463983204_n 14900471_772928919513372_8530026576920333422_n 14900562_772930402846557_5011947815136620652_n 14925343_772929632846634_4128163674101408308_n 14925808_772929352846662_3231485547406504455_n 14938255_772931529513111_6385829673887014039_n 14947553_772929479513316_8467877605726240102_n 14947553_772930066179924_7829205229007068303_n 14947592_772932742846323_2330856400271503970_n 14947656_772929182846679_4083506425611199268_n 14956036_772929539513310_734777671892323226_n 14956652_772930222846575_7110767096130319116_n 14962531_772932389513025_2158762769994340519_n 14962798_772929012846696_8643727546091619959_n


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