Special screening – Chaar Sahibzaade 2 with YES!+ Gang

Yes+ Gang today had a special screening of the movie Chaar Sahibzade 2, the story of the valor, courage and sacrifice of the great Guru Gobind singh ji and the Sikh community. The beautiful narration of the great valor as well as timeless wisdom of Guru Gobind Singh ji is worth knowing. How the great vision, wisdom, courage and sacrifice of Guru Gobind singh ji, Banda singh bahadur and the khalsa community freed people from the atrocities of the Mughal rulers. A story of pride for all of us! With Shri Guru Nanak jayanti falling on 14th November, remembering the wisdom and great sacrifice of the Sikh community will be an ideal tribute. The great teachings and valor all must know. Don’t miss it!

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