1st Colors of Life – with Sandip K Patel

Let’s meet our 1st guest speaker and a renowned flute artist Sandip K Patel, and listen to his inspiring story that made him what he is today, and of course with some fun, music and laughter!
Don’t miss the 1st ever Sunday of the series, Colors of life.
Join us this Sunday
22nd January | Starts sharp 5 pm;
followed by weekly sudarshan kriya follow-up @ Tok, Sunpharma road, Vadodara.

The 1st #colorsoflife was as wonderful and musical as it could get. With crowd brimming up the hall, Sandip K Patel and the team apprised us all with the rich heritage of Indian music. And to add to it, with some soul satiating combo of flute, violin and tabla. And now we are even more excited and looking forward to the next speaker of the series. #colorsoflife

16142582_1548412288517339_8169180997766452907_n 16174910_1548403931851508_4626156497908127174_n 16174927_1548408315184403_3881950412920015138_n 16195112_1548411515184083_2649939265874660005_n 16195338_1544944398864128_2048563807096349651_n 16195626_1548412635183971_3749989775044818957_n 16265776_1548412925183942_5940890509922452848_n 16266050_1548723718486196_2942272584954101321_n


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