Happiness Program for Youths

Another batch of lucky young souls bubbling with energy and faces shining, completed the Happiness Program at #vadodara. Each of these carefree smile inspires me to do even more to bring transformation in more and more lives. Indeed, Happy Days are Back! Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for this beautiful journey of spreading Love & Happiness.

15940555_722948274546557_8430844684640389049_n 16265446_730608087113909_1266828172297862595_n 16299141_730609290447122_2316561389015885744_n 16299280_730610590446992_5626221745139531991_n 16387999_730611917113526_3872944497553833034_n 16406518_730612090446842_9131454771921091228_n 16406733_730613553780029_8194468272471558354_n 16426188_730610387113679_8724854389281250623_n


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