The Power of breath at workplace- Health & Happiness session

With growing economy and market, the workplaces are becoming more and more competitive as well as stressful. Little is thought about the mental and emotional well-being of employee, and its importance in driving the company growth. The so called second homes, offices are nowadays becoming a place of survival instead of progress. So what can be done about it?! The answer is in our breath.With taking care of the mental well-being and increasing the overall happiness ratio in the employee through The Art of Living programs, it’s a win-win situation for company as well as employee. Increase in employee bonding, low stress levels, greater focus and commitment, happy faces, etc. are some of the benefits of such programs. It was great to conduct one such introductory session for the employee of a leading MNC and help them realize this very important aspect. Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji for such amazing programs and of course the opportunity to facilitate it.


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