Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઇફ (May edition)

The May edition of Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઇફ was super amusing. From some cool Bollywood moves to traditional kathak, some soulful songs to shayaris and stories, the performances left each one of us spell bound. Never knew that we had such versatile people around us. Can’t wait for the next Majja Ni Life! Do Join us, don’t miss the fun. Last day of each month. #MajjaNiLife

Invited as guest at a Gurudwara

It was an honor for me to be invited for the chabeel Seva in remembrance of martyrdom of Guru Arjan Singh, the first martyr of the Sikh faith and the fifth of the ten Sikh Gurus. The chabeel seva (sweet water distribution) is a way to offer some relief to the travelers in scorching heat, just as the waters of river Ravi provided relief to shri Guru Arjan Singh from the tortures of Mugals. Moving story behind such a noble act.
वाहे गुरुजी दा ख़ालसा, वाहे गुरुजी दी फ़तेह

Vadodara Clean Sweep

Today, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation celebrated the top 10 finish in Swachhta Sarvekshan by breaking Guinness World Records with ‘Vadodara Clean Sweep’ – Highest number of people cleaning a single venue. 5058 people cleaned the Fun Street venue and this was witnessed by a whopping 50,000+ audience! The Art of Living Yes+ Gang #Vadodara is proud to be a part of this world record. All the volunteers and teachers enthusiastically took part in this wonderful event. Congratulations to the Mayor of the city Shri Bharat Dangar & thanks to our PM Shri Narendra Modi to inspire the nation towards making a cleaner & better #India #GuinnessBook #WorldRecord #FunStreet #Vadodara #SwachhBharatMission #CleanVadodara


Recently The Art of Living organised a competition ‘NAVSRIJAN’ from 3rd April 2017 – 15th May 2017 for the most creative, innovative & interesting Long Kriya follow-up. Teachers across India participated and came up with creative & innovative ideas. Of this, it is an honor and a moment of pride that our follow-up have been selected the winners (1st prize) across whole of India in this competition!
It is inspiring for us all and we shall continue this tradition of conducting interesting follow-up, imparting millions across, a stress free life. Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Smile, Laugh, Meditate!

“Smile, Laughter & Meditation are privileges of human Life” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Sunday mornings have become a reason for the people of Vadodara to experience these privileges of human life, as The Art of Living Yes+ Gang #Vadodara continues to spread the happiness around with absolute zeal & enthusiasm! Join us Every Sunday 6 to 7 am @Band Stand, Kamati baug #ArtofLiving #SpreadingSmiles #LetsMeditate

Youth Happiness Program – May ’17

While we are always striving to make some changes in our lives, improve the quality of our living, most of the actions are external and short lived. We fail to keep up with our own expectations and go back to the same routine, mindset. So what does it really takes to make a significant change?! The answer lies in understanding oneself. And The Art of Living Happiness Program teaches you, makes you live that. Amazing to see how life transforms in just 6 days. Few glimpses of this beautiful journey of transformation from my recent youth program held at #vadodara #spreadingsmiles

तेरा में – Tera Mein – 2017

Tera Mein – The day to acknowledge the presence of a living master in our lives. The day when we celebrate the one who is the reason for millions of lives to be a celebration. He who is a light house to millions across the globe. From peace-making to reviving and spreading the authentic concepts and teachings of yoga and spirituality to whole world. For whom the whole world is a family. The Art of living Vadodara chapter celebrated the 61st B’day of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji with Gurupuja, followed by a soulful satsang with shri Viresh Chapte from Aurangbad. Also a blissful meditation followed by maha-prasad. We were also joined by shri Bharat Dangar, Mayor Vadodara city. Few glimpses from the event. #HappyBirthdayGurudev #Teramein

Sunday Meditation – Turn Questions (?) into Wonder (!)

Why do we need to meditate? What are the ways to meditate? How can we meditate successfully? What are the different types of meditation? What are the secrets of meditation? How do you prepare yourself for meditation? Is meditation a foreign phenomenon? Have such questions dwelling up in your mind about meditation?! Then here’s your chance to turn all this questions into wonder. WOW! Yes, this will be your immediate reaction once you experience it. Join us and turn your hooks (?) into wonder (!). Every Sunday, 6.00 am – 7.00 am at Bandstand, Kamatibaug with trained and experienced faculties. Free and Open for All. #sundaymeditation #vadodarameditates #spreadingsmiles

Colors of Life – with Gautam Dabir ji

The latest edition of Colors of Life had Shri Gautam A Dabir ji, a highly regarded singer and music composer. The audience were lucky to know a few amazing things about music from him with some practical experience also. He also shared his journey with us which seemed no less then a miracle. And of course, a live performance from him was the cherry on the cake. Mesmerizing session! Do join us for the next edition of Colors of Life with another wonderful speaker. #coloroflife

Yoga at Fun-Street

Yoga with fun?! Yes, Indeed! Fun Street – Vadodara – An energetic, lively place bustling with hundreds of people every Sunday morning made more lively, energetic, and rejuvenating with some cool yoga by the Art of living Vadodara chapter. Making the mind and body fit and going with some yoga twists. So wake up and join us for some cool yoga moves every Sunday 7.00 am at the #FunStreets.

Sunday Meditation – #spreadingsmiles

Like every Sunday, we had a beautiful relaxing and rejuvenating meditation last Sunday too. A fun energetic warm-up, a couple of yoga asanas and a peaceful relaxing meditation following it, a perfect rejuvenation for the upcoming week. Amazing, isn’t it?! Do join us every Sunday 6.00 am @ Bandstand, Kamatibaug and get yourself relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! #sundaymeditation #vadodarameditates #spreadingsmiles

Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઇફ

The April edition of Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઇફ was like always, full of fun, laughter and this time, delicious too. We had a potluck party with a variety of dishes like spicy Biryani to yummy cake. With chilled strawberry Ojasvita following it, Majja Ni Life couldn’t get any better. Missed this time?! Join us for the upcoming editions, on last day of each month. #MajjaNiLife #yesplusgang

Cleanliness Drive – Swachhta Abhiyan @ Kamnath Mahadev.

Today volunteers of Yes+ Gang, the youth wing of Art of living Vadodara chapter carried out a cleanliness drive in and around the premises of Kamnath Mahadev. The volunteers, joined by deputy mayor Vadodara city Shri Yogeshbhai patel, carried out the task of cleaning temple premises including the steps leading to vishwamitri river. A tough task done swiftly with a smile and commitment on each of the faces.
स्वच्छ मन से स्वच्छ भारत | Clean Minds, Clean India #sevatrend#swacchbharat #spreadingsmiles

p.s The temple located on the banks of river Vishwamitri Nr. Bal Bhavan, is one of the Nav-Naths (One of the 9 Shiv temples established by Maharaja Sayajirao III) and hence a place of archaeological and heritage importance. But most of this temples are in dilapidated state requiring urgent maintenance and revival.

Life starts at 60

Took a session titled ‘ Life starts at 60’ for soon to be retiring personnel of one of the leading banks, Bank of Baroda in #vadodara. The usually stressful faces had glowing smiles as we had some games, meditation and #ArtOfLiving tips for their upcoming new journey! Bank personnel do need some meditation-after-demonetization. Isn’t it?! #meditation #yoga #SriSri #happiness

Yoga on the streets

Every sunday #vadodara immerses in celebration across streets at the #Funstreet on the Akota-Dandia bazar bridge. We too had an amazing time with some Yoga on the streets. With a large pool of people from all age groups, joining the yoga challenge, it was super fun. Some dance and some music, some yoga and some twisting, some poses and some clicks, everybody enjoyed the yoga challenge to fullest. And with Shri Bharat Dangar, Mayor Vadodara city paying us a visit, we were all pleased to have him. Amazing way to celebrate your Sunday mornings! Do join us on every Sunday for some yoga fun at the #Funstreets. #sundayfun #yogaonthestreets #artofliving

Let’s Meditate Vadodara!

A cool cloudy morning and a perfect canvas of heart capturing flora and fauna around the timeless architecture. The Band stand – kamatibaug seemed to be in full glory today as the Yes+ Gang volunteers with equally cool visitors added the charm of meditation to it. The glowing faces after the meditation says the whole story. Everybody wants such glowing faces, don’t we?! So let’s join the fun and smiles every Sunday, 6.00 – 7.00 am at Bandstand Kamatibaug #vadodara. #spreadingsmiles


Let’s Meditate Vadodara! #SpreadingSmiles

The Sunday Mornings are all set to become the reason for ultimate bliss as the The Art of Living Yes+ Gang Vadodara has taken up the initiative to spread the smiles all across the city! Making people experience what meditation is all about and hence its benefits, is the motto of this initiative. The first session was conducted last Sunday which saw people being curious to know more about meditation and very happy to have an experience of the same. Join us Every Sunday 6 to 7 am @Bandstand, Kamatibaug FREE ENTRY! Open for All #SpreadingSmiles #LetsMeditate #Vadodara

Fun With Yoga!

The The Art of Living #Vadodara chapter made the #youth of Vadodara do #yoga with a twist at the Fun Street – Vadodara organized by the Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) All the young hearts readily took up the #Suryanamaskar challenge and had great fun, with the kids adding to the enthusiasm as well! The smiling faces tell the rest of the story…. #FunStreet #Vadodara #Youth #SpreadingSmiles

Talk on Business Ethics and Life Skills

What do ethics mean to you? What are ethics in Business? How to cultivate or inculcate ethics in Business? These are some big questions being raised in conference rooms of big corporate nowadays as the world moves towards sustainable development. With such scenario, it is equally important to teach and let the upcoming generations of entrepreneurs and managers understand its importance. The role of spirituality and ethics in Business and Nation development. It was great to give a talk on such eccentric topic to a batch of budding management students of a leading university. Hope the students got a good insight about it and would take this aspect into consideration when they’ll be in such capacity. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is the co-founder of World Forum for Ethics in Business, a foundation that pursues and aims to establish the indispensable ethical foundations of business in today’s globalized world.

Sunday Follow-up with Kamlesh Patel

We had an amazing surprise yesterday in the Sunday follow-up with DID fame Mr. Kamlesh Patel visiting us. The hall filled up with cheers as he entered. Sharing some of his life stories, he inspired us to stay positive and work relentlessly towards the goal. He wrapped up this short intimate conversation quoting one of Galib’s most famous works which says, हाथों की लकीरों पे मत जा ए ग़ालिब, नसीब उन के भी होते हैं जिन के हाथ नहीं होते. Inspiring and moving, isn’t it?! #yesplusgang #kp #danceonhands

Talk on Life Skills

Here are few glimpses of an interactive seminar conducted by me today for the students of a prominent university on the subject of ‘Life Skills’. With the college faculties too joining in, the talk was well received. Knowing, understanding and developing ‘Life skills’ is a very very important thing this days. The Art of Living have always been at fore front to include and teach this important aspect in education and have special workshops for it. With educational institutes too recognizing this very important area, the future holds bright for our youth. It was great to be back in college and interact with so many young bubbling minds.

Spreading Smiles – The Happiness Program

Yet another six days of happiness and transformation concluded yesterday at #vadodara. Everyone seeks peace and happiness in their lives, by so many means, all their lives, but hardly find it. It’s amazing to see how a program of merely 18-20 hours brings a vast difference in ones’ life, bringing new hopes, commitments, enthusiasm, discipline, love and of course Happiness. We all keep thinking of bringing some change in our lives but fail to. I would suggest that just drop this thinking and attend one of such courses. You’ll find what you were looking for all your life. Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for giving us all such means and opportunity to be #Happy

Majja Ni Life – March


The March edition of Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઇફ was much more fun and with much more people joining this time. From sharing our ideas and suggestions for upcoming events to some hilarious stand-up comedy moments by our volunteers, we all enjoyed being there. With chilled strawberry Ojasvita following the fun, Majja Ni Life couldn’t get any better. Missed this time?! Join us for the upcoming editions, on last day of each month. #MajjaNiLife #yesplusgang



DSN Program with Atika Dhandhia ji

We had a TREMENDOUS, BLASTING and BREAKING youth DSN program with Atika Dhandhia in #vadodara. Each one of us, shackled with a lot of barriers, inhibitions and mindsets before the course, broke away all of them and emerged as new dynamic persona. With things like organizing and executing a house-full 1000 people concert in just 36 hours, we all had a time of our lives. Surely, the DSN program has pulled us all to a new heights of Dynamism, of the Self and Nation. Be ready #vadodara! #DSNTransforms

Colors of Life with Shalin Desai

Last Sunday we had another fun-filled and illuminating session of ‘Colors of Life’ with Shalin Desai ji. He is a multifaceted personality working with an automobile MNC in US, and also as an international faculty with The Art of Living in the Americas. It was great to have such a guest with us, sharing his journey with the master and life lessons with the audience. A witty, funny and illuminating session. Do join us for the next ‘Colors of Life’ coming soon. #colorsoflife

Guest Talk on LIFE SKILLS

A few shots from my talk today at faculty of social work Parul University. I was there to speak on the subject of “Life Skills” as part of a 2-day workshop on re-inventing Entrepreneurship, Education, empowerment organised by the faculty. It was a great experience to interact with students and faculties and help them understand the idea of Life skills and how to develop few of those. I appreciate the initiative taken by the faculty members and Parul University to help students understand and learn something out of the books.

The Power of breath at workplace- Health & Happiness session

With growing economy and market, the workplaces are becoming more and more competitive as well as stressful. Little is thought about the mental and emotional well-being of employee, and its importance in driving the company growth. The so called second homes, offices are nowadays becoming a place of survival instead of progress. So what can be done about it?! The answer is in our breath.With taking care of the mental well-being and increasing the overall happiness ratio in the employee through The Art of Living programs, it’s a win-win situation for company as well as employee. Increase in employee bonding, low stress levels, greater focus and commitment, happy faces, etc. are some of the benefits of such programs. It was great to conduct one such introductory session for the employee of a leading MNC and help them realize this very important aspect. Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji for such amazing programs and of course the opportunity to facilitate it.

Kirtan and langar seva at Gurudwara

The Yes+ Gang vadodara was fortunate to be a part of and offer service at Gurudwara Nanakwadi, Khanderao Market Vadodara on occasion of the Prakash Gurpurab of shri Guru Har Rai Maharaj ji, the 7th Sikh Guru. Kirtan and langar seva experience was one of its kind for all of us. #grateful #sevatrend || जो बोले सो निहाल, सत श्री अकाल ||

Health & Happiness for the pride of our Nation- The Indian Army

It was a great morning conducting a Health & Happiness seminar for the pride of our Nation, the Indian defense force personnel. From explaining them the importance of and keys to mental fitness, to making them experience the peace and tranquility through yoga and meditation. It was an hour full of fun, learning, laughter, happiness and an amazing new experience for them. It was a moment of honor and pride for me too, to be of help to our soldiers, to our nation. Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Jai Hind! #indianarmy #vadodara #happiness #health #artofliving

Majja Ni Life – A monthly dose of fun, masti & Ojasvita!

Yes+ Gang #vadodara had a super fun and running in the 1st ever ‘મજ્જા ની લાઈફ’ – a monthly meet up of all volunteers and teachers for some Fun, Masti & Gupshup over a glass of lip smacking hot Ojasvita in these breezy evenings! From playing our favorite childhood games to knowing each other and discussing some wow facts, it was one of the best evenings spent together. Nostalgic, isn’t it? 🙂 Do Join us for our next ‘Majja Ni Life – મજ્જા ની લાઈફ’ meet up on the last day of every month.

Happiness Program for Youths

Another batch of lucky young souls bubbling with energy and faces shining, completed the Happiness Program at #vadodara. Each of these carefree smile inspires me to do even more to bring transformation in more and more lives. Indeed, Happy Days are Back! Grateful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for this beautiful journey of spreading Love & Happiness.

15940555_722948274546557_8430844684640389049_n 16265446_730608087113909_1266828172297862595_n 16299141_730609290447122_2316561389015885744_n 16299280_730610590446992_5626221745139531991_n 16387999_730611917113526_3872944497553833034_n 16406518_730612090446842_9131454771921091228_n 16406733_730613553780029_8194468272471558354_n 16426188_730610387113679_8724854389281250623_n

Yes!+ Gang – 68th Replublic Day Celebrations

The Yes+ Gang #Vadodara celebrated the 68th Republic Day with spirit of patriotism and service. They visited a small dwelling to celebrate and spread the national spirit among the residents, particularly kids. With making the kids understand the importance and significance of our national flag and its tri-colors to singing the glory of our nation. “Vande mataram”, “Jhanda ucha rahe humara” to name a few, and of course our National anthem! With some teachers and students of a prominent school joining us too, this might be the 1st time for those kids to have had such a celebration of a national festival. Indeed, a memorable day for all! #RepublicDay #JaiHind #Sevatrend

16142283_1553015538057014_8283203054599164549_n 16142362_1553016168056951_7124992254023761668_n 16174790_1553017238056844_7088630318442606483_n 16195425_1553016981390203_6429045719826487974_n 16265567_1553017008056867_1412664314018298853_n 16265617_1553016024723632_1520770881872388447_n 16298421_1553015541390347_2466080386746402592_n 16298563_1553016954723539_6754922312416030051_n

1st Colors of Life – with Sandip K Patel

Let’s meet our 1st guest speaker and a renowned flute artist Sandip K Patel, and listen to his inspiring story that made him what he is today, and of course with some fun, music and laughter!
Don’t miss the 1st ever Sunday of the series, Colors of life.
Join us this Sunday
22nd January | Starts sharp 5 pm;
followed by weekly sudarshan kriya follow-up @ Tok, Sunpharma road, Vadodara.

The 1st #colorsoflife was as wonderful and musical as it could get. With crowd brimming up the hall, Sandip K Patel and the team apprised us all with the rich heritage of Indian music. And to add to it, with some soul satiating combo of flute, violin and tabla. And now we are even more excited and looking forward to the next speaker of the series. #colorsoflife

16142582_1548412288517339_8169180997766452907_n 16174910_1548403931851508_4626156497908127174_n 16174927_1548408315184403_3881950412920015138_n 16195112_1548411515184083_2649939265874660005_n 16195338_1544944398864128_2048563807096349651_n 16195626_1548412635183971_3749989775044818957_n 16265776_1548412925183942_5940890509922452848_n 16266050_1548723718486196_2942272584954101321_n

Happiness Program for Youth @ Daman

Yesterday I concluded a Happiness Program for Youth (previously YES!+) in the beautiful coastal city of Daman, Gujarat. It was the first ever Youth Special Happiness Program being conducted in Daman. Amazing days full of fun, learning, wisdom, asanas, sudarshan kriya, soft skills, practical life tools and what not. It was a totally new and life transforming experience for all the participants. Grateful. 🙂


Christmas Special Followup!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says “Each one of you is a special gift on the planet! You are the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree bears the gifts and the lights not for itself, but for all. The gifts you are carrying in your life are for others.” Comprehending this wonderful Christmas message, Yes+ Gang #Vadodara had a Christmas special follow up this Sunday. Starting from #Sudarshankriya, Jitu Bhaiya led the present there through a beautiful mediation & then celebration! That’s not all, a special Santa greeted all with gifts & joy! The evening concluded wishing Merry Christmas to Gurudev! #Christmas #SudarshanKriya #Fun #Laughter #Celebration

15578760_1490202231005012_662358213232910182_n 15665521_1490199471005288_5704447671429264121_n 15697303_1490201667671735_2899531521163410456_n 15697727_1490200517671850_3922427058725740180_n 15726448_1490199271005308_3353060017099966701_n 15726526_1490201341005101_8913340053679704398_n 15747868_1490200124338556_2035706560562564293_n


Fun & Wisdom with Chirag Patil

Yesplusgang volunteers had a special meeting with the very dynamic and full of fun Chirag Patil during his recent visit to #Vadodara! It was really wonderful to have him as he shared some precious knowledge with the volunteers. A wonderful message he gave “Be like the flowing water of a river, not the stagnant one in a pothole”. Yesplusgang feels inspired by these words and is all set to spread the Happiness & Joy on this path to more & more people! #Love #Unity #Commitment #Sangachhadwam

15036605_1432560506769185_699269513352344915_n 15078692_1432560526769183_6442015397791453722_n 15094493_1432560616769174_8026940599292937464_n

#IndiaFightsBlackMoney – Inspiring act by YES!+ Gang Volunteers!

Amidst the chaos & panic due to #Demonetization, the Art of Living Volunteers across the nation are helping people deal with this situation with a #smile! Yesterday, The Art of Living Yes+ Gang volunteers in #Vadodara served tea & water to bank staff & people standing in queue since hours. They were also helping people with the documentation & formalities. This will be continued till the situation turns back to normal and the panic among people reduces. #IndiaFightsBlackMoney Let us all join in wherever we can and Volunteer For A Strong and Better India! #arthakranti #sevatrend

15027618_1426655187359717_728039520475939299_n 15037142_1426655140693055_1276296095710921668_n 15056318_1426655544026348_8873445581282930290_n 15095042_1426655244026378_5050160028752096779_n