Ashram Rainbow – A journey from Heart to Art

Inspired from our beloved Guruji’s Vision of forming an art club, we thought of starting it with a

bang!! We wanted to do it on a big scale as per Guruji’s vision of doing things big. So we

brainstormed on the idea and came up with “ASHRAM RAINBOW-Journey from Heart to


On the Date 6th July 2014, Art of Living Gujarat Ashram, Vasad was decorated with beautiful

Rainbow colors as Yes!+Gang conducted its One of most memorable event of the year, which

had Enthusiasm, Creativity, Colours, Fun, Unity, and Commitment.

It was an event all about to unleash the creativity of young India. It was an honour to invite

participates from all over the Gujarat. Our event was houseful with 250+registeration 2 days

before the event date.

The event had following Highlights.

Our Ground Force:-

Without the amazing dedication of our volunteers, this event wouldn’t have been possible. We

had a team of more than 30 volunteers to work for this task. It was astonishing to see the

dedication and enthusiasm of them. We started with the planning and preparations a fortnight

before the event, and every volunteer had contributed 4-5 hours daily for seva to make this

whole dream event a great reality.

The designing of all decorative items was done by our volunteers without any professional

guidelines but still they gave professional results with mind blowing ideas and on ground


The team took care of all minute specification and details of event like:-

 Event website ( )

 Smooth Registrations

 Tie-ups with companies

 Striking a co-ordination and updating teachers of other cities with the progress.

 Empowering every volunteer by giving them various responsibilities.

The team was constantly under high spirits due to inspiration from our teachers Jitubhaiya,

Shivanididi, Ravi bhaiya,Lalitbhaiya and many more blessed souls. They worked day and night

to make Guruji’s vision a reality.

The team worked with the motto“Love, Unity and Commitment” inspired by Jitubhaiya.

“We Worked as a Family!”

Our Event Idea:-

The core idea of event was to unite the youths for a cause. Inspired by the vision and guidance

of our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankrji to initiate youth clubs for the development and

encouragement of Art & Culture among the youths, we were inspired to take this initiative to

start a new dimension of activities among the youth. To inspire them to take the roads less

travelled and make a mark in their life. Ashram Rainbow was the starting point of the vision of

our Master.

Many Non-Art of living people also joined us and were astonished to see so much of love,

belongingness and enthusiasm among the people.

“We spread happiness with colours!!!”

Our guest Of Honour:-

It would be a nice Idea if we call Sir Isaac Newton to teach maths. Similarly we were pleased to

invite Shri. Jayant Parikh the Great Artist.

About Jayant Parikh :-

Born in 1940 in Gujarat, he acquired Post Diploma in Painting from Fine Arts, M S University,

Vadodara. He has received Senior Research Fellowship for ‘Old Indian Monument’ during 2005

– 07, National Award at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 1970 & 1980 and Gold Medal in

International Graphics Exhibition, Leipzing, Germany in 1965, amongst others. He has received

GauravPuraskar from Gujarat State LKA in September 2008. UGC has produced a documentary

film on his life and art in November 2008. The auction price of his paintings goes in lakhs.

But what we saw Sir.Jayant Parikh was “An artist, who knew that Art is born out of love,passion

and dedication.” He motivated and talked about Our Beautiful Mother Nature, he observed the

creativity of our participants and He also showed his Miracle with mere Brush.

“We where obliged to have him!”

Rainbow Activities:-

1. The event started with short meditation.

2. We had a warm up painting round where team of 2 people were made to draw on 90 meter

long paper roll which was spread across the hall and were asked to draw something unique on

the theme of “International Kite fest.” and best part was no Eraser was provided.

3. T-Shirt Painting was the area where most of the participates had keen interest and thus it

was worth watching their dedication. T-Shirt painting was most praised task by all.

4. Photography was a challenging task where participates had 20Mins to click their best shots

on the theme “Life of Ashram!”. The photographs which were presented were looking like that

of professional standards. Top 11 photographs were shortlisted and kept on our page.

( ) The photograph with maximum likes won the 1st prize.

Photography won the hearts in end.

5. Face painting is trending even today on FB, participates left no area of face which was not

touched by there magic brush. Face were painted with National flags, famous Icon names,

designs and some where having African look. It was a sheer fun to watch face painting.

6. Jitubhaiya also inspired the participants to do every act of kindness possible and spread joy

and happiness in hearts of people.

Some Interesting Highlights:

1. Sir. Jayant Parekh did a live painting of a beautiful Aquatic creatures’ in just 20mins.

2. The team from Surat performed a skit based on “5 keys of Art of living” it was a great

entertainment and learning.

3. The T-Shirt painting was a useful tool to raise donation funds for “Gaushala of Guj Ashram”

Where 1st,2nd and 3rd ranking T-Shirts were auctioned during the event with gross donation of


(Other T-Shirts to be donated to under privileged)

4. The winners of Face-Painting and T-shirt painting were awarded with “Live Sketches of

Shri.Jayant Parikh!” which were the most prestigious gift.

Special Thanks To :-

1.Shri Jayant Parikh (Whole and Soul of event).

2.Art of living vasad Ashram team





Event dedicated to:-

1. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

2. His vision of forming Art of Living Arts club

For event photographs you can visit

Thank You

Jai Gurudev

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